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  • How can I create a new account?
    To become a member: Click on Log in Then, click Sign Up Then, choose the way you want to register Then, fill in the necessary information and complete the registration by confirming the email. If you have problems opening an account with your hotmail or Yahoo email. I recommend that you open an email from Gmail. Gmail works fine. Hotmail and Yahoo tend to hide messages that come from companies, sending them to junk mail, spam. Finally wait for the corresponding permissions to be granted to be able to access the restricted areas according to the license you have. This can take a while, as it is done manually. When it is carried out, you will receive notification (email) about it.
  • Al crear la cuenta ¿Qué puedo hacer si no llega la confirmación?
    Le recomiendo lo siguiente: Verifique en la carpeta de correos no deseados. Paciencia, a veces no sucede instantáneamente y hay que esperar. Utilice un email de la compañía Google: gmail, este suele funcionar bien.
  • Where can I find more technical information?
    In addition to the frequently asked questions, more technical information is available through our Knowledge forum. In order to have access to this area, it is necessary to create a membership. For details on how to create a membership see the question: How can I create a new account?
  • How can I see this website in English?
    To change this website to English, please follow the steps below: Locate the language item in the top menu. Click on that list. Choose EN for English.
  • What PC is recommended to use with CAD type programs?
    Sometimes buying a cheap computeris not a good idea, especially if that PC will be your work tool. One thing I can add to this is (from personal experience) the more RAM (memory) the PC has the better. A good video card with OpenGL® support, and a good hard drive with fast access are also essential. Visit the following link: The link provided is an official Autodesk® page with a complete list of AutoCAD® versions with their respective list of requirements.
  • Mr.CAD Professional Does it work with other CAD's such as BricsCAD®, etc.?
    NO. At this time (March-20-2023) it only integrates with AutoCAD® FULL versions 2004 up to the most recent and CMS IntelliCAD® 10 and 11.
  • Mr.CAD 360, Do you need AutoCAD?
    No. Mr.CAD 360 is a totally autonomous CAD program (Stand Alone). Therefore, in order to work it does not need any version of AutoCAD®.
  • Are hacked programs good for using Mr.CAD?
    With the current state of the economy it is not easy to pay thousands of dollars for CAD software. That's why there are many who prefer pirated programs. But be careful! Most (if not all) contain viruses. Some of them can do a lot of harm to your privacy. These viruses work silently. When you realize it, it's because the damage has already been done. Remember that in our time there is nothing really free. When they say it's free, there's something hidden behind it. Especially when the offer seems very tempting or comes from a country that has a reputation for not respecting others. Before installing a pirated program, you should inspect it with a powerful antivirus. There are some "partly free" ones like AVG that you can use for testing purposes. You will realize that the risk is real. Recommendation: some CAD-type programs have the advantage of being able to use them during a grace period. Use it to raise funds and acquire your legal license to the program. Others, like Mr.CAD 360, have a free version that works with certain limitations, but they provide you with the opportunity to generate some income so that you can later purchase the full-power version.
  • ¿Qué debo hacer si no pude actualizar mi licencia a tiempo, y ahora esta desactivada?
    Se había enviado por email y algunos grupos sociales como Facebook y LinkedIn, varios comunicados dirigidos a todos los usuarios de Mr.CAD, con instrucciones especificas para que actualizaran el programa lo más pronto posible, pues, como se había explicado, el servidor de activaciones y control de licencias iba a dejar de funcionar. Lamentablemente algunos, por diferentes motivos, fallaron en hacer su actualización a tiempo. Y como se explicó en el comunicado, esto puede provocar una interrupción temporera, en lo que se puede completar el proceso de re-activar sus licencias. Antes de comenzar, le recomiendo que vea lo que ofrece el Upgrade al Mr.CAD Profesional más reciente. Luego, si desea, regrese aquí para continuar. Para comenzar con el proceso, si no ha creado una cuenta en este portal de MrCAD, debe hacer una (Si ya tiene la cuenta, pase al próximo paso). Para crear la cuenta, puede seguir los pasos descritos en el siguiente enlace:, luego puede regresar aquí para seguir con los siguientes pasos: Descargo del programa, Instalación y Activación. Asegúrese de verificar las instrucciones de todas y cada una de las tres secciones. Dé especial atención a la última sección, la ACTIVACION. Sin activar el programa no funcionará. DESCARGO DEL PROGRAMA Primero, debe visitar la zona de Descargos. Luego, en la tabla, visualmente identifique en el Museo, el programa: Mr.CAD Profesional. Luego, clic sobre la versión que utiliza. Seguido se abre la carpeta que muestra su contenido. 1- Seleccione el archivo de instalación, y 2- luego clic en Descargar. Espera a que el archivo sea descargado. Recuerde que debe abrirlo para empezar con la instalación. INSTALACIÓN, ACTIVACIÓN, e INTEGRACIÓN CON EL CAD Ahora debe continuar con las instrucciones escritas en el manual de instalación que está disponible para descargo en formato PDF en: También, (si el programa ya esta instalado) dicho manual esta disponible mediante el menú de programa de Windows. Los pasos para ver el manual son: Clic en el botón de Windows Clic en All apps > Busque la carpeta (están en orden alfabético) Mr.CAD PRO o Mr.CAD 360 y haga clic sobre ella. Clic en Ayuda Para el Mr.CAD Profesional: Puede ver un video con explicaciones paso a paso de como instalar y como activar el programa. Este lo encuentra en: También le recomiendo ver los siguientes tópicos: Comparación de Versiones de Mr.CAD Profesional ¿Por qué es bueno actualizar el Mr.CAD? ¿Qué hay nuevo en el Mr.CAD 360?
  • How can I download the latest version of my license?
    First, you must visit the Disclaimers. Then, in the table, click on the tab (department) that identifies the program: Mr.CAD Professional or Mr.CAD 360 Then, from the list, click on the version you are using. When the folder is opened, the contents are displayed. 1- Select the installation file, and 2- then click Download. Wait for the file to be downloaded. Remember to open it to start the installation. For instructions on installing Mr.CAD Professional, see: For instructions on installing Mr.CAD 360, see:
  • ¿Cómo puedo hacer un Upgrade a mi licencia?
    Pasos: Primero, Entre al área de productos. Luego clic en Mr.CAD Profesional UPG. Proceda con el método de pago de su preferencia. Al efectuar la compra recibirá las instrucciones para descargar el producto, y las instrucciones para la instalación y activación.
  • How can I keep up to date with InGeomatics and Mr.CAD news?
    Surely you don't want to miss out on what's new in Mr.CAD. Be it recommendations, tricks, news, improvements and updates, it is good to know what is happening, because these things can do good for your business. So the question is how do I do it? Here are some suggestions: One of the ways is by subscribing to the blog of this website by email. At the bottom of this web page, you will find a section titled "Subscribe to the blog by email", this section contains a box to enter your email, and a button to send the request. Fill it out and send it now, so you can receive all this information directly to your email, every time there is a new publication. Another way is by connecting to the social networks of Facebook or LinkedIn: On Facebook you just have to visit the page at Facebook and like the page, that way you will receive receive notifications when you visit Facebook. On LinkedIn the process is similar. Enter the following link and request the connection: Miguel Ramirez Aguilar | LinkedIn
  • Is it necessary to have the previous program installed for the update?
    No. When you buy the new version, you receive a complete program. It does not require any disk, HASP key or component of the previous program. It is recommended that if you have a previous version of the program installed, remove it to perform a clean installation of the new version.
  • I lost the HASP key, can I upgrade?
    Yes. All that is required is that you be a registered customer. If you did not register, you will need to send us proof of purchase. When you buy the new version, you receive a complete program. It does not require any disk, HASP key, any component of the above program.
  • Has the program not been updated for a long time?
    If you have tried to do a Check for Updates, and it turns out that it has been several days or months since you have done any update, and the program reports that you are using the most recent version, in which case, you must enter the members area and download (from said area) the new version. What has already been explained could happen because several months ago (between January and March 2023), an error was introduced in the update verification system, which failed to compare the current version with the server version. As a result, the verifier reports that you already have the latest version. The only way to overcome this barrier is by updating by downloading the members area.
  • What are the requirements to update Mr.CAD Professional?
    Be a registered customer of the product to be updated. See that it meets the requirements of Mr.CAD Professional. Purchase the upgrade. In the case of having more than one license of the product that you want to update, you must provide the serial number of the license to be updated. A new serial number is not sent until such information has been received. Internet connection for download and activation only, on the PC where you want to install the update.
  • ¿Cómo puedo obtener el Removal code del Mr.CAD Profesional v.9 al actualizar a la versión 10?
    Si desea hacer un upgrade de la versión 9, a la nueva versión 10, debe hacer lo siguiente: Pasos: Descarga el programa Mr.CAD 10. Remueve (des-Instalas) el Mr.CAD de la versión anterior. Instalas el nuevo Mr.CAD 10 (Para dudas y preguntas puede descargar el Manual de instalación usando el siguiente enlace: Añades la exclusión al antivirus (vea instrucciones en el manual de instalación). Buscas en el menú de programa de Windows el Mr.CAD PRO y dentro, clic en OldActivation9 Marcas Remove y Continuar Me envía por email a, una captura de pantalla de la ventana donde aparece el Removal code. No olvide identificarse. Debe enviar un código de remoción por cada PC que activación con la versión que vaya a reemplazar. Siendo que el mayor cambio en la nueva versión es relacionado con el licenciamiento, no debe haber impacto en cuanto a la producción pues no hay muchas cosas nuevas que aprender. Sin embargo, se obtienen muchos beneficios al hacer el cambio, pues ya se han podido corregir varias cosas que impactan la producción del programa. IMPORTANTE: Debe enviar un Removal code (código de remoción) por cada licencia que tenga activada de la versión antigua. El nuevo Activation key (llave de activación) no se enviará hasta que usted haya enviado a nosotros todos los Removal codes correspondientes a todas las activaciones guardadas en el registro. Tranquilo, tienes 15 días en los cuales puede seguir utilizando el nuevo programa sin la debida activación. Si desea actualizar a la versión 10, puede hacer clic en el botón Comprar ahora (vea abajo) y siga las instrucciones en pantalla.
  • ¿Qué significa que mi plan de Mr.CAD Profesional está a punto de caducar?
    Significa que pronto va a perder la oportunidad de poder seguir obteniendo los beneficios que ofrece el plan de mantenimiento de Mr.CAD Profesional. NO Significa que su licencia va a caducar, es solo el plan de mantenimiento. Si para usted es importante el poder tener acceso a la asistencia remota, el área de descargos y las actualizaciones, entonces le recomiendo renovar el plan. Si su versión es una antigua (8, 7, 6, o mas antigua) le recomiendo el upgrade, que incluye un plan de mantenimiento de un año. Si su versión es la 9 o 10, en tal caso puede renovar el plan sin necesidad de upgrade. Para ello puede visitar:
  • Where can I get the online help and installation manual?
    Online help can be obtained by clicking on the corresponding link: Mr.CAD Professional - User Manual Mr.CAD 360 - Installation and User Manual
  • Can Mr.CAD be installed on several computers?
    Yes, you can install it on as many computers as you need. However, each installation requires an activation, and the number of activations is limited to three for each serial number. If your circumstances require more licenses, you can obtain them through our website.
  • In what sense is each serial number special?
    A serial number is provided for each license, and is unique to each customer. The customer is responsible for keeping the serial number in a safe and private place. The serial number identifies your license as a unique license. This is why it is very important that you save that number. Losing it is like losing a diamond ring; is irreplaceable.
  • Does my serial number work with the new versions?
    Version 9 requires a new serial number. If you purchased the upgrade< /u> and you have not received any mail with the new number, contact me to verify records.
  • Where can I get my serial number?
    As answered in the question: In what way are the serial number and activation code something special?, Customer is responsible for keeping serial number in a safe and private place< span style="color: #444444;">. [...] This is why it is very important that you save said number. To this I want to add that it is possible to obtain this number in other ways: Give yourself the same program: while the program is running, it is possible to see this number. For this you can do the following steps: Start Mr.CAD PRO (using the icon provided on the Windows Desktop) When the window opens, press the “Activation” button. Get the number from the box: Serial number From the member account: This number has also been made available in your account details at this location For this it is necessary to have an account: https: // To see the number(s) you can see in your account the tab: My Account If the account is new, you must wait for it to be updated with this information. Depending on when you opened the account, it may take several days to update. When you get the number, remember to keep it in a safe place.
  • ¿Se puede instalar en Mac o Linux PC?
    No, en este momento no se puede. Solo es compatible con Microsoft Windows. Hay algunas personas que lo han instalado en Mac usando un emulador.
  • ¿Qué significa el Error: The license of the application is not allowed on Virtual Machine [0x002c02][9.39-32]?
    La explicación completa y soluciones las puede ver en el foro, el tópico:
  • Como puedo resolver el Run-time error 339: Component...
    Como puedo resolver el Run-time error 339: Component ... not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid? Favor del ver en el foro, el articulo:
  • ¿Cómo puedo activar el programa?
    Para activar el Mr.CAD, puede ver las instrucciones en el manual de instalación, el tópico: Como activar el programa. Este manual esta disponible para descargo en: También, hay un video que describe la instalación y activación del programa. Este lo puede ver en:
  • Can I activate the program on more than one computer?
    Yes. The new version of Mr.CAD allows you to activate up to three (3) different computers.
  • ¿Cómo puedo saber si mi licencia esta activada?
    Pasos para Mr.CAD Profesional: Abra el Mr.CAD PRO. Clic en la llave amarilla. Si el encasillado azul dice LICENSED, esta activado. Pasos para Mr.CAD 360: Abra el Mr.CAD 360. Abra un dibujo, preferible uno nuevo. Clic en archivos. Vea icono redondo con M en el centro. Clic en Activación. La llave amarilla. Si el encasillado azul dice LICENSED, esta activado.
  • ¿Puedo compartir las activaciones con mis amigos?
    No. El propósito de proveer tres activaciones es para uso personal, o de la compañía. Ejemplos permitidos: Usar las activaciones en su laptop, en la oficina, y en su casa. Contratar a varias personas que lo ayuden con un proyecto y por lo tanto necesita activar (temporeramente) el programa en esas PCs. Una compañía con tres dibujantes, necesita activar el programa en tres computadoras que pertenecen a la compañía. Ejemplos de usos no permitidos: Activar una en su PC y compartir las demás con mis amigos. Compartir el programa con otros por un precio.
  • En una compañía que posee varias licencias, ¿Quién puede hacer la solicitud de activación?
    Cuando una compañía tiene varios empleados utilizando el programa, se requiere que alguien esté a cargo de solicitar las activaciones para las computadoras. El nombre de esta persona debe estar en el registro. Cuando eso no sucede, solo se otorgan activaciones al dueño de la licencia.
  • How can I get additional activations?
    Buying more licenses. Each additional license will have more activations.
  • What happens if I uninstall the program and forget to remove the license?
    Uninstalling the program from the computer does not remove its activation. If you try to activate a new installation of the program without removing the activation from the previous computer, and it turns out that there are no activations left, you will not be able to activate that installation. It will be necessary to use the procedure described below to release said activation. Procedure to release an activation: If the PC is damaged, replace the broken part with a new one and reinstall all required software. If you had uninstalled Mr.CAD, reinstall the program. Verify that the computer has an Internet connection. This connection is required for this process. Open our product and in the activation window, click "Remove license". Click "Continue>>, and follow the instructions on the screen. Wait a few seconds. And if everything is correct, your license will be released. Now if you like, uninstall Mr.CAD. You can now use this activation on the other computer.
  • What happens in case of total loss of the computer?
    In the event of total loss of the computer as a result of theft, fire, or any other similar incident, a replacement license will be issued if (1) your lost license is registered and is a updated version, (2) if an official document describing the incident is provided. If your registered version IS NOT the current version, in addition to the requirements described above, a program update will be required. More details in the Technical Support Agreement
  • ¿Puedo activar el programa para un ayudante temporero que trabajará remotamente?
    Este procedimiento es permitido, pero tiene sus riesgos. Antes de proceder a facilitar una de sus activaciones a otra persona fuera de sus dominios, tenga presente que se esta arriesgando a perder dicha activación. Si la persona a la cual usted le esta prestando una de sus activaciones se resiste a desactivar el programa, o por otras razones pierde la activación, la perdida la asume el dueño de la licencia. Esto significa que a las tres activaciones otorgadas por cada número de serie, se le restará la activación perdida. Para los detalles del proceso, vea el manual de instalación. Este lo puede descargar de: Nota: No se están otorgando accesos especiales a personas que no son dueños de una licencia de Mr.CAD. Sin embargo, el dueño puede proveer al nuevo usuario sus credenciales, para que este pueda acceder a la cuenta en Sin embargo, tenga en cuenta que esto puede añadir riesgos a su privacidad. Cualquier resultado de la decisión tomada por parte del dueño queda en su total responsabilidad.
  • Where can I find help when the antivirus is interfering with Mr.CAD?
    Mr.CAD Professional: http:/ / Mr.CAD 360: http:/ /
  • Why do antivirus report that the installer contains trojan virus?
    Mr.CAD uses an anti-hacking protection system. One of the main purposes of protection systems is: to make it difficult for the application to be analyzed, rolled back and decrypted. Malware (virus) creators also often use protection systems to protect viruses and make them more difficult to scan. Therefore, antivirus software vendors sometimes incorrectly detect viruses in any protected files. Heuristic and generic scanners in antivirus software can often fail, because they are bots and automatic bot detections cannot give us a 100% result. just because of a mistake by antivirus software engineers, they can incorrectly scan and detect viruses in a protected file. Sometimes some antivirus programs get confused and produce what is commonly called a false positive. Why does this false positive occur? There may be several reasons, but let me explain at least two of the main ones: Antivirus programs use a new on-chain modality, where they analyze the age (maturity) and the use of the programs. In this way they know if a program is widely known, and the degree of maturity (if it has been on the market for a long time or a short time). So according to this analysis model, if a program is relatively new, it is a program with a higher risk of viruses than one that has not changed for a long time. Since Mr.CAD is a program that is constantly undergoing revisions and updates, the installer file does not have the necessary maturity to be considered safe. Some antiviruses, when they are not sure of the analysis of the file (because they do not have the necessary maturity or fame), mark the analyzed file as dangerous. Not because they found something, but rather as a precaution. Mr.CAD's anti-hacking security system does a type of encryption that is not known by some antiviruses. Thus causing distrust in the installer, and therefore they mark it as dangerous, since they cannot decrypt the content. Is there a way to stop the false detection? Yeah sure, there is a way to avoid false detection. If a false detection appears, you should send a sample of the file to the antivirus research team, and ask them to fix the problem. Usually specialists respond quickly and are happy to help solve the problem. In our experience, if you send a sample file today, tomorrow's antivirus software database will be clean. More information at: False positive from an antivirus: its dangers and how to avoid them (
  • What antivirus is compatible with Mr.CAD?
    Antiviruses are NOT compatibles with Mr.CAD's security and protection features, and can cause many problems. It will always be necessary to configure the antivirus by adding an exclusion to the program folder. You should see, in the instructions of your antivirus, how to add said exclusion.
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